How to Create Political Online Polls

Live polling has a number of benefits when it comes to gathering information ahead of an upcoming election or political campaign. When it comes to gathering useful, real-time information, there’s really no better way to collect reliable data than with secure online polls.

live polling

Advantages of live polling

There are several advantages to utilizing live polling whether it’s for political purposes or otherwise.

Here are just a few reasons this type of polling is beneficial:

  • Real-time information: Live polling lets you know how someone feels in that very moment. That means you can keep your finger on the pulse of what they’re thinking and feeling. Then, you can use that information to drive the course of your campaign, event, or meeting.
  • Effortless data collection: Gathering live feedback via polling is much more efficient than collecting handwritten responses or hearing from the audience in a town hall format.
  • Engage your audience: Whether you want to know what an audience thinks about a political issue or candidate, asking your audience to share their opinion is a good way to get them thinking about important issues and to keep them engaged and more likely to vote in elections.

How to create online polls for politics

Thanks to the help of efficient online polling software like Swift by ExciteM, it’s fast and easy to create online polls for politics, or for meetings, Q&As, and a variety of other formats.

With Swift, you can create online polls for political purposes in under a minute.

First, you create any number of polls and poll questions. Next, you’ll activate the one you want your audience to vote on using Swift’s user-friendly dashboard.

Then you’ll share the poll with your audience either on screen, in a PowerPoint presentation, with live video, QR code, or another slide, and let them vote via SMS or online.

You’ll collect their responses in real-time, and results will be securely stored and organized on Swift’s secure user dashboard. From there, you can use the information to make decisions about the future of a political campaign, or on important political issues.

Other uses for Swift Polling

Swift Polling makes it easy to create political polls online, and they offer a number of other impressive features, including quizzes and gamification, virtual Q&As, live video integration, and much more. Click here to learn more about Swift and all of their exciting live polling features.