A basketball coach is responsible for preparing a team for competitions, developing a strategy for each specific game, studying opponents, and working with each member of the team. It is the coach who sets the mood before the game and analyzes mistakes afterward. 

In most cases, coaches are people that were associated with sports during their entire lives, and often have sports achievements. A soccer coach combines several specialists. In addition to basketball expertise, coaches should have a good understanding of psychology. Every basketball team is a group of individuals, and building good relationships in the group is not so easy. The competent specialist knows how to create a strong and united team.

Among the advantages of work are high salaries, free access to sports centers, constant excitement and a lot of emotions. On the other hand, there are many worries and constant stress, instability, and the possibility of losing your job because of a few losses.

Resume for a basketball coach

Let's see what should be written in a basketball coach resume.

Work Experience

As everyone knows, most professional coaches have also been professional players in the past. However, many people who are obviously not very good at playing turn out to be brilliant tacticians, strategists, and psychologists, which makes them great coaches.

If you have never coached before, just played basketball professionally, list the teams and championships you have played in on your resume. Recruiters need to know how long you have been playing basketball and if you have won any championships, medals, and etc. Most club owners want to work with famous coaches, so try to make your resume as perfect as possible. But at the same time do not lie and do not write about things that have never happened in your career.


The coaching job is complex and requires special education. Unfortunately, you can't become an outstanding basketball coach without gaining knowledge and skills. But you can make certain steps in this direction, go to study in a higher educational institution, at the same time getting a job as an assistant coach at a small club.

On your resume, give as much detail as possible about your training, coaching or sports courses taken, educational certificates, language skills, and more. It is also important to indicate the availability of a license that allows coaching professional basketball teams.

Resume Design

You should create an interesting visual design for your resume to be seen by recruiters among hundreds of other applicants. If you don't know how to use visual editors, you can search for basketball resume templates on the internet. But it's best to order a professional resume from specialists who will help you choose the right colors and fonts.

Zero mistakes

The coach must be a literate person and do not make any mistakes. Of course, you can re-read your document dozens of times, but will it be effective? It is better to rely on free online platforms to check the texts and ask your relatives to read your resume. This way you can make sure that the recruiter won't see any embarrassing mistakes in your resume.

To sum up, in today's world, sport is gaining popularity every day. The movement for a healthy lifestyle is spreading, people are switching to proper nutrition and improving their physical abilities. If you decide to become a basketball coach you will have no problem finding a job and clients. The only thing you need to do is to prepare a good resume that will present you from the best side.