My child is into cosplay what should I do

Next we want to give some advice to parents whose children are into cosplay:

For starters, don't scold your kids and think that this hobby is just a game. It's much more serious than that. After performing on stage, the child feels the ups and downs, you also need to support him if he failed.

But you also need to make the child understand that he needs to earn his own money, because parents do not have to be sponsors for each child's costume, otherwise the family budget will go quickly, cosplay will drag on.
If your child asks for help sewing or creating a costume part, please don't turn them down, even if you know nothing about it yourself. It will be much more important for your child to have your help.

You can do cosplay at any age. The number of characters to choose from is off the charts, so a person's choices are not limited to Japanese schoolgirls. Hieroglyphics are for all genders and ages. In addition, adults are no less interested in trying on the look of their favorite character. So do not discourage a person from his hobby and say that with age it will pass. Will pass only when he himself wants to. Choose his costume. Now you can find a great costume destiny hunter armor for sale.

Still, the child gets an interesting creative experience.
With cosplay, you can become anything from a tennis player to a troll.

Why we love cosplay

As a follow-up to the parenting advice from the author of this article, Kupinatao would like to add a few words from himself about why we love cosplayers so much and why we appreciate them.

If you think this hobby is pretty weird, take a closer look. Cosplayers are some of the most upbeat, active and creative members of the subculture. If your child or someone in your circle has gotten into cosplay, we're sure it will help them in the future because it's only a seemingly fun experience.

Just think for a moment about the fact that making an element of the game, trying on a character's image and talking to them publicly is not something everyone can do. It requires a certain amount of courage and self-confidence. When a person puts on a character mask, he himself changes a little, playing different versions of events. And this, of course, is beneficial, helping to solve inner problems and develop as a person.

The second important thing in cosplay is active communication. The ability to communicate and communicate your vision of the character to others certainly helps in real life to connect with others and successfully communicate on any issue.

Why are many cosplayers very understanding of other people? The fact is that by trying on a character, the cosplayer delves into what kind of person it is, what kind of character it is, what the reason for the character's particular behavior is, and what vivid points of representation reflect them. The ability to analyze a character's character in real life helps one better understand those around him, with more understanding and patience for other people's weaknesses.

The third thing to pay attention to is the development of creative thinking and acting abilities. Creating an image is not just buying a carnival costume in a store. You need to fully think through the image from the costume to the smallest details and bring it to life. Many cosplayers finalize their costumes on their own, carefully selecting accessories and reproducing their character's behavior. In the end, this skill leads to the ability to find unconventional solutions in everyday life.