One of the most popular service jobs these days is a position of a nail technician. This is a specialist who can make wonders, turning human nails into artworks.

A nail manicure is not just a simple process. It is time-consuming work, which in addition to the cosmetic treatment of the nail includes changing its shape, hygienic cleaning, and polishing. Therefore, the nail technician should understand the anatomy and physiology of the nails, and be attentive not to harm the client through ignorance. In addition, most modern masters offer nail extensions, spa treatments, and wraps, which also require some knowledge. Manicure masters should also know some basic psychology because customers are different and there is a need to find the right approach for everyone.

The advantages of working as a nail technician

  1. High demand.
  2. Short training period and its relatively cheap cost. Courses on the basics of manicure last no more than three months. Further improvement of the skills can be continued, after getting a customer base and a stable income.
  3. Flexible schedule. You can always agree to work every other day or take more days off. There will be time for training and to solve family issues.

Disadvantages of working as a nail technician 

  1. Sitting work has an unhealthy effect on the spine and muscles.
  2. At the initial stage, you will have to spend money on materials and necessary tools, as most beauty salons prefer to hire a master with his own tools.
  3. The size of your income will only grow in proportion to your hard work and desire to constantly improve your skills. 

Nail technician resume 

There is a huge number of applicants for this position, so it is very important to prepare a really unique nail technician resume. But how should it look like?


The standard structure of a resume for a nail technician looks like this:

  • First name, Last name.
  • Contacts
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Other

As you can see, there is nothing particularly difficult here, everyone can cope with these sections. The only thing you should do is to take some time to remember all the important details, such as the names of studios you have worked in, courses you have completed, and so on.


Standard resume form can be found on the Google Docs platform, you can insert your own text and customize the design. But if you have difficulties with creating your own layout of the resume, you can ask for help from special companies, which for a small fee can create a customized document.

No errors

Don't spoil the recruiter's impression, reread your resume a dozen times and look for the smallest mistakes. Ask your boyfriend or girlfriend to check and evaluate the document.

Additional Documents

Nail technicians can not work without a diploma and license, otherwise, they can get huge problems. It is better not to risk and get all permits and then add information about them to your resume. 


In case you've already worked in a nail studio, it won't be difficult to ask for a reference from the employer. A recruiter will be glad to see this point in your resume and will be more interested in your application.

In conclusion, to become a good specialist in the field of nail service you need more than one year of practice, so start training now. It is better to get an internship in the salon, and although it will not be paid, you will get invaluable experience and a ticket to a new career. The main thing is to prepare your application and create a proper resume.